Keeping Cool as the Heatwave continues!

The entire nursery have been keeping cool with water play, fans, chill-out music (it helps) and ice lollies which our nursery owners Fiona and Shaun were kind enough to bring in a some very hot days over the last few weeks!

As you can see the children all enjoyed this delicious treat!

Preschool have a muddy good time!

Runner beans, Courgette and more!

The preschool children had a muddy good time picking some of the crops that have been growing at the nursery allotment!

They also did a spot of weeding and watered the crops which are growing beautifully.

Remember we are always looking for volunteers to help weed and water the plot, plus its a lovely sun trap with space to rest between the work!

Get to the chopper! Surprise Helicopter Fun for the Preschool!

On an especially bright October afternoon we heard a loud sound near the nursery. After some investigating by the preschool and a short discussion they discovered that it happened to be a helicopter landing across the road from the nursery at Alexandra Playing field near the Mountbatten Centre.


We quickly gathered the preschool children to take them over to explore, the children were able to look all around the the helicopter and meet the rescue team which was very exciting and a rare opportunity for them.

Later when back at the nursery the children watched the helicopter take off and they all waved goodbye with big smiles on their faces.


Here at Carousel Nursery School we are always looking to take full advantage of spontaneous learning opportunities!



The other day some of our Preschool children and Kids club went to visit Maritime house. Maritime house is supportive housing for the elderly.

After the children introduced themselves, the residents and children had lots of fun playing with balloons, batting them back and forth to each other.

They had lots of laughs trying to keep bubbles in the air by blowing them up before they popped.

The residents then requested their favourite songs to which they all sang together.

Carousel Nursery School enjoys being in the community and spending time with the residents in Maritime house and look forward to our next visit!


The nursery have been continuing to make improvements and have recently had installed on our lower two floors these rather cute window decals.


They act as an eye catching feature when the children come in and leave, give a warm welcome to new children, while also providing the children privacy from the public and also help reflect the sun for an all round cooler nursery environment.

Every little helps!

We would like to say a very big thank you to Harvey one of our parents for helping us get a donation from Tesco’s for our Nursery Allotment!

We plan to use the vouchers towards a new shed for our plot to keep our tools safe and secure.16463714_1375897162460715_5855213034578767528_o

Thank you again Harvey and Tesco!

Carousel Preschool to the Rescue!

The children in the Preschool have spent the middle of November learning about the different emergency services including; ambulance, police, coast guard and fire rescue.

Check out the preschool in action; role playing a ‘real’ fire rescue, saving their friends in pairs from a house fire, driving the fire engine, climbing up the ladder to hose the fire down and making sure the people rescued are okay by checking them over and giving them blankets to help them deal with shock.

They also learnt what number to call if their parents or siblings are in trouble and to remember their parents names and their address if they are ever lost.

New Email Address

Just a heads up to current parents and prospective parents; we have updated our email server and you can now contact us at please update your address books and smart device contacts etc.


This has been done in an effort to aid in smoother communication and allow us to get import information such as newsletters out to you in a more timely manner.