Nursery Allotment

After a long wait Carousel Nursery School finally secured an allotment plot in Stamshaw this year and we have spent the last 6 weeks preparing it for the children to use.

Allotment (1).JPG

This is how it looked shortly after work began, to start with it was waterlogged, boggy and frankly a mess! Thanks to the hard work of staff and parent helpers we have slowly transformed the plot and made it ready for planting.

Allotment (2).JPG

We have more work to do to get it finished completely but as of 19/05/16 we have planted our first crops which the children took home to tend before the first shoots grew, they have now been sown into the soil; runner beans, carrots, spring onions and shallot onions which a group of the preschool children all mucked in to get in the soil and watered.

Allotment (4).JPG

Some of the children also helped to make a scarecrow which fittingly sports the staff teams uniform (we are yet to name him/her) and we have also erected a runner bean nursery with bamboo canes for them to climb up.

In the coming weeks, paving, a shed, a pond, fruit trees and more are going to be added to the plot so at this rate we will be up for allotment for the year award!