Babies 0-2 Years

This group includes one large, bright room with a varied and rotated range of toys and equipment to simulate babies’ senses, social interaction and physical development as well as encouraging early discovery and role play. Within the room is a soft area to relax, a ball pit and soft play equipment and large space to roam for those early walkers, there is also a dedicated Sonos sound system in this room with child friendly music and rhymes for when the children want to dance or sing.

The children eat their meals in high chairs or at a low table for those who are steadier. While we have set meal times we appreciate that at home these times may differ and we can easily accommodate your child’s meal times and bottle feeds in line with your home routine.

The second room is a messy play art room for children to be creative, explore textures, colours, different sensory and tactile resources and get really messy in a way that they might not have the opportunity to at home.

Finally situated right next to the main room is a quiet sleep room with cots and camp beds where a second dedicated Sonos sound system provides relaxing music. This room is a space for babies to get essential rest and relaxation, children are monitored throughout their sleep and their nap times are tailored to fit in with your home routine.

The baby group also go on regular trips and outings sing the nursery pushchairs and access the nursery garden in a time slot separately to that of the older children.

Toddlers 2-3 Years

This group includes three rooms each dedicated to providing for children’s learning and development. The main play room has role play resources, construction, a table for puzzles, games and drawing plus space to sing and dance. Attached to this room is a separate child sized toilet, sink and potty training facilities.

The large creative room offers a wide range of opportunities for artistic discovery and messy play. This includes two tables for painting, junk modelling, play dough and more. A sand/water tray an d a sensory tray. The room also serves as a dual purpose room and can be used for large group dancing/exercising as well as providing a space to have snacks and other meals in and to rest and sleep time.

The third room has a soft relaxing area to rest, read stories, play puzzles, do drawing and play with small world toys such as animals, people and cars and in here is also a changing facility for younger 2 year olds who have not yet started potty training yet.

Potties will always be available in all rooms and are clean after each use, the toddlers also access the nursery garden and go on regular trips and walks our including the local park.

Preschool 3-5 Years

This group includes four interconnecting room that allow children to free flow to activities and equipment that interest them and engage in learning opportunities with a wide range of resources that will prepare them for school. The main room has a large role play area, dedicated writing area with a large table that sits 8 children at a time, construction toys to develop fine motor skills ready for writing in school, a book corner with soft area to sit and read both factual and story books. This room also includes two self registration boards were children find their name and photo card to show everyone they are here and get them to start recognising words and writing. Also in this room the children have access to three tablets that are loaded with fun and education games and these will change throughout the year to support topics and themes of learning the children engage in.

The middle room has a large range of science and finding out equipment is available including, magnifying glasses, programmable robot toy, shapes, magnets, compare animals for size and counting games and more. There is also a small world area and these toys change depending on the topic and interests of the children. There is also a nursery computer loaded with educational games that the children have access to that is stand alone and not connected to the internet.

The messy room/kitchen provides a large space that is used for meal times and also has a large range of messy resources and materials for painting, water/sand/sensory play, junk modelling, feet/hand/body painting, chalking, cutting as well as allowing children to engage in cookery, wood work with safety goggles and child sized tools etc joined to this is an art annex situated in our newly build conservatory this has magnetic boards, wipe boards, easels and a large black board. The messy/kitchen can also be used as space to set up a dark sensory tent and other child sized camping equipment with torches.

The preschool also have access to the nursery garden throughout their dedicated free play section of their routine.

Kids Club

DSC_0236 (3)

In the half terms and summer holidays we also run a dedicated kids club for children age between 3 months and 8 years old. Limited places are available with separate pricing see our kids club price list here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email for further information.

Children get to take part in a wide range of activities in the half terms and summer holidays tailored to the whole spectrum of age groups. The children also get to go on regular trips and join in with nursery events as well as fancy dress days!

Nursery Garden


The nursery garden has a large range of resources to promote learning and development in all seven areas of learning. All age groups get to access the garden in all weather, rain, snow or shine and are protected from the wrost of the elements by a large wooden shelter that covers roughly half of the garden, keeping the rain and sun off to a degree. Children get to take part in games that help build teamwork and teach turn taking as well as burn off steam and evelop physically.

The garden includes a table for outdoor drawing and quiet activities, sand and water trays for sensory play, wendy house and role play kitchen, a flower bed for growing and planting, seesaws, children’s sized camping equipment, bucket stilts, paper and pencils, chalks and much more!


Learning and fun continues over on YouTube

In order to continue the usual fun and learning we provide at Carousel Nursery School, we have created a YouTube channel for all our children and families that we’re missing so very much.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing songs, stories, activities, learning and more in order to provide as much as we can while we are apart.

Please follow the link and share with your children.

Today we have some songs for you to join in our virtual circle time.

Fun with Fairy Tales

The preschool enjoyed taking part in various activities themed around fairy tales, they made “Three Bears” porridge to taste, they made a junk modelling castle and fairy tale display board, dressed up as prince’s and princesses, listened to fairy tale stories, made up their own story and decorated their own ginger bread people!

All the while learning through play within the early years curriculum.


Making sense of it all!


The babies have been using their senses to explore, the baby staff created a wonderful DIY dark tent using one of our spare cots and transforming it as a little cubby for them to get cosy in.

They have also been using the soft play and finding different ways to manoeuvre over, under, through and around obstacles. All of which are great ways to help with developing their co-ordination.

Today: soft play, tomorrow: the world!

The Nursery Allotment is open for summer 2019

Over the past two months the nursery children, parents and staff have been hard at work volunteering their time to get the nursery allotment ready for the summer growing season.

The soil has been turned over and prepped, the pond cleared and refilled, the shed and decking re-coated with protective paint and the crops planted.

The preschool children will soon begin heading over in groups to visit the allotment and learn all about growing, planting and towards the end of the summer harvesting what the setting has grown.

If you fancy spending some time over the allotment with your children let us know and we can arrange a time and the keys.

Preschool Graduation Party!

Congratulations to our Preschool Class of 2018 Graduates

As with every year the time has flown and we once again, through teary eyes bid farewell to another brilliant group of amazing Preschool leavers!

We threw a party this year and spent the time dancing, playing games and eating yummy food while having a mini disco. We then had our class of 2018 receive their certificates and class photo before they went and posed for pictures in their cap and gown!

We would like to thank the parents and carers who joined us and helped mark this special occasion, your children’s development and education has been a shared journey we have been on together and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these wonderful little people!