Owls Group (3-5 years)


Our preschool comprises four interconnecting rooms that allow children to free flow to activities and equipment that engage them in learning opportunities linked to their interests with a wide range of resources. The preschool do everything to support your children with learning key life skills, independence and a strong focus on school readiness, it also is where they form firm friendships with peers and discover a sense of pride and self to give them a strong foundation in both their personal and academic life.


The Main Learning and Exploration Room has a large role play area, writing area with a large table, construction toys to develop fine motor skills ready for writing in school, a book corner with soft area to sit and read both factual and fictional books and can be opened up into a larder space for yoga, dancing and exercise.

There is a range of science and finding out equipment available including, magnifying glasses, programmable robot toy, shapes, magnets, compare animals for size and counting games and more.

There is also a small world area and these toys change depending on the topic and interests of the children and tough tray that can be used for different purposes. There is also a nursery computer loaded with educational games that the children have access to that is stand alone and not connected to the internet.

In the preschool the children have access to tablets that are loaded with fun and education games that change throughout the year to support topics and themes of learning the children engage in and plus a state of the art interactive board that is also loaded with educational software that extends children’s learning in conjunction with the nursery curriculum !

Photo 05-08-2021, 10 54 57 am

The Artistic Discovery and Cookery Room provides a large space that is used both for meal times and creative play. In here are a large range artistic resources and materials for painting, water/sand/sensory play, junk modelling, feet/hand/body painting, chalking, cutting as well as allowing children to engage in cookery, wood work with safety goggles and child sized tools etc.

Just off of the main part of the room is the newly build conservatory which has magnetic boards, wipe boards, easels and a large black board.

The preschool also have access to the nursery garden throughout their dedicated free play time, go on visits to the local park, fields, shore line and nursery alottment.

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