Toddlers 2-3 Years

This group includes three rooms each dedicated to providing for children’s learning and development. The main play room has role play resources, construction, a table for puzzles, games and drawing plus space to sing and dance. Attached to this room is a separate child sized toilet, sink and potty training facilities.

The large creative room offers a wide range of opportunities for artistic discovery and messy play. This includes two tables for painting, junk modelling, play dough and more. A sand/water tray an d a sensory tray. The room also serves as a dual purpose room and can be used for large group dancing/exercising as well as providing a space to have snacks and other meals in and to rest and sleep time.

The third room has a soft relaxing area to rest, read stories, play puzzles, do drawing and play with small world toys such as animals, people and cars and in here is also a changing facility for younger 2 year olds who have not yet started potty training yet.

Potties will always be available in all rooms and are clean after each use, the toddlers also access the nursery garden and go on regular trips and walks our including the local park.

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