Bunnies Group (0-2 years)


This group comprises three individual rooms, the Main Baby Unit is a large bright space overlooking Alexandra Park, where babies minds are stimulated by a varied and rotated range of toys and equipment to that make their senses come alive. Our dedicated staff team care for your little ones, provide early social interaction and physical development as well as encouraging early discovery and role play.

Within the room is a soft area to relax, soft play equipment for exercise and large space to roam for those early walkers. There is also a dedicated Sonos sound system in this room to play child friendly music and rhymes for when the children want to dance or sing.


The children eat their meals in high chairs or at a low table for those who are steadier. We appreciate that at home these mealtimes may differ to that of our nursery so we can easily accommodate your child’s meal times and bottle feeds in line with your home routine.

The second room is a Artistic Discovery Room for children to be creative, explore textures, colours, different sensory and tactile resources and get really messy in a way that they might not have the opportunity to at home.

Finally situated right next to the main room is a Quiet Sleep Room with cots and camp beds where a second dedicated Sonos sound system provides relaxing music while they sleep. This room is a space for babies to get essential rest and relaxation, children are monitored throughout their sleep and their nap times are tailored to fit in with your home routine.

We also have a perfect prep machine and for making up bottles, we can store breast milk or provide a private space for breast feeding should you wish to come in and feed your child. Photo 05-08-2021, 11 49 55 am

The baby group also go on regular trips and outings using the nursery pushchairs and access the nursery garden in a time slot separately to that of the older children ensuring they get essential fresh air.

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